Per Ardua Libertas Series

After a quarter of a century of historical research into Bomber Command and the Pathfinders, I am writing a series of novels about life on a Pathfinder base from April 1943 onward. The fictional station, RAF Station Ashby, is closely based upon RAF Station Bourn in Cambridgeshire, where my father, a wireless operator, was briefly stationed from November to December 1943.

The first book in the series, The Eagle of the Pathfinders, will be published this April.



In Bomber Command’s Elite Force is any Cost too High for Victory?

Ned and his cousin Hughes are as close as brothers due to the tragic circumstances of their family background. When war breaks out, their paths diverge. Hughes becomes an RAF medical officer and Ned is destined for the same role until he changes course to train as a navigator in Bomber Command. In early 1943, now both serving with the Pathfinders, the RAF’s only elite Force, Ned and Hughes are reunited. Together they face the terrible dangers and dilemmas of the Air War as the bombing campaign against Germany enters its most critical year. This is a story of brotherhood and loyalty, and how men found the courage to carry out their duty despite the huge personal cost.